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Friday, March 19, 2022 – Kapseret Member of Parliament, Oscar Sudi, has dismissed the notion that the money he has accumulated over the years has transformed his looks.

Sudi posted a photo of himself claiming to have been taken in 2013 where he appeared thin as compared to how he currently looks.

In a long post on Friday, the vocal Tanga Tanga legislator said the shot caught him unaware and that he was tired due to a series of political rallies.However, the vocal legislator said that he had more money in 2013 as compared to what he currently has adding that money has nothing to do with her transformed body looks.

“I have seen Kenyans commenting on my throwback image taken back in 2013. Some think that money has transformed my looks but that’s not true. In 2013 I had more money than now since President Mwai Kibaki had grown our economy so well not like at the moment where the economy is on its knees,”

“Sura sio pesa na pia nilikua nimechoka sana juu ya (shape is not money and I was so tired) due to campaigns. You can compare the image on my campaign posters with this one,” Sudi said.

This comes even as the two-term legislator recently explained how he sprang from a mabati house to popularity and got elected through URP in the 2013 General Elections.

In his latest interview on NTV, Sudi who is associated with controversy, courage, money, and power, all tied with a ribbon around claimed he worked for KSh 800 pay per month in 1996 with a matatu christened Carlos owned by Barnabas Sawe.

“In my mabati house where I lived, I had dug a hole. So I used to put there KSh 50 every day. After one year, I had saved up to KSh 21,000 including my salary,” Sudi said.


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