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Thursday, March 10, 2022 – Fresh details have emerged on the cheating scandal that went viral after a man wrote a letter to Cooperative Bank, accusing his wife of having affairs with her office colleagues.

According to a lady who happens to be a long-time friend of the couple, Wanjiku and Thuku’s relationship has been constantly strained over the past 10 years.

Their endless marital woes have badly affected Thuku’s mental health, which gradually sent him to a state of depression.

Word has it that Thuku and his wife were both freshly employed as bankers at Co-operative bank.

But as time went by, his wife kept steadily rising the ranks in her budding banking career.

On the other hand, Thuku sunk into depression and his progress in life slowly stagnated.

Thuku’s poor performances eventually saw him kicked out of Co-op Bank and forced him to rescue his diminishing career at NIC bank.

His job at NIC bank lasted for a few weeks.

He was fired for being incompetent and he was back home jobless again.

Caroline is said to have taken up the extra responsibility of providing him with both financial and emotional support and paying all the bills.

After one year, he found a slot at Stanbic Bank Limited where he has since been working.

But in recent months, Thuku’s condition is reported to have worsened.

He has become an alcoholic and is jealous of his wife’s progress.

He is also jealous because most of his former colleagues in the banking sector are holding senior positions while his career has stagnated.

Apparently, all the people he mentioned in the viral letter were hired with him on the same day.

It’s alleged that all the data he presented in the controversial letter written to the bank alleging his wife is having an affair with her office colleagues was artificially manufactured to help him accomplish his evil mission.

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