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Tuesday, March 22, 2022 – Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi had an experience to forget after a church congregation embarrassed him in front of his dear wife who was trying to confirm if her husband shall be re-elected in the August 9th polls

This was after the congregation remained completely silent after Priscilla Murungi, the wife to the Meru Governor tried to ask them whether they will vote for her husband who is seeking a second term in office.

Priscilla, who was addressing members of the Revival Prayer Summit church on Sunday, was forced to quickly let her husband speak directly to the church members who unanimously refused to lift up their hands so as to assure her that they would vote for her husband.“Mimi nataka kuuliza kitu moja, huyu govana wenu ambaye amesimama hapa, mumeona kazi yake?

 “I want to ask you one thing…Have you seen the work done by your governor who is standing here?” Murungi’s wife posed as the congregant replied ‘NO’.

As if she had not communicated well, the Meru County Government First Lady asked the congregants to show by hands if they will re-elect the Devolution Empowerment Party leader.

Despite asking a second time, no one raised their hands to show that they will support Governor Murungi’s re-election bid prompting Priscilla to hand over the microphone to her husband to speak to the church directly.

Speaking at the same venue, the Governor urged the believers not to degrade him in front of his wife, saying that it was contrary to the ideals of Meru culture.

“Kwa tabia ya Kimeru huwezi kuaibisha mzee mbele ya bibi yake… Sindio? Bibi akiwa hapo, mzee anapatiwa heshima kidogo lakini bibi kama hayuko, unaweza kumwambia mambo yote,(In Meru culture, you cannot embarrass a man in front of his wife… Right? While the wife is there, the man is given the respect he deserves but if she is not there, you can tell him anything you want),” he said.

Kiraitu who is eying re-election as the Meru Governor is perceived to be among the front runners for the seat after Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya withdrew from the gubernatorial race.

He recently joined Raila Odinga’s Azimio la Umoja coalition in a move many believe is political suicide for the one-time Governor as Meru County is considered a William Ruto stronghold ahead of the August election.


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