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Tuesday, March 15, 2022 – Members of the press were kicked out of Deputy President William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) National Delegates Convention.

While ordering the journalists out, Churchill Live show comedian Jasper Muthomi, alias MC Jessy who is eying the Imenti South parliamentary seat on a UDA ticket ordered all journalists to leave the meeting so that they could have a chance to do their secret affairs with the delegates.

“Na watu wa media, wale ambao tuko nao hapa, all the media houses, tafadhali tutawakubalia mkae hapa to cover William Ruto tukishamaliza maombi. Lakini kwa sasa nitawaomba tafadhali mtupatie nafasi kidogo tu tufanye mambo private ya delegates,” Jessy said.“And the media people, the ones we have here all the media houses, please let us stay here to cover William Ruto when we are done with prayers. But for now, I will ask you to please give us a little space to do the private affairs of the delegates,” he said.

After the journalists had left the meeting, the delegates then retreated to a closed-door meeting at which the Deputy President was unveiled as the National Party leader.

During Tuesday’s National Delegates Conference, William Ruto’s party also held two key meetings with the party’s National Governing Council and the National Executive Committee (NEC).

After the secret meetings, the more than 5,000 UDA delegates unanimously endorsed William Ruto as the party’s presidential flag bearer in the forthcoming General Election.

The event also marked the formal end of DP Ruto’s tenure at the Jubilee Party where he served as Deputy Party Leader before being replaced at its NDC last month.

However, the move to lock out the media during William Ruto’s coronation has received sharp criticism from ODM leader, Raila Odinga’s allies who have termed the move as dictatorship.


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