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Monday, March 28, 2022 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s wife Ida Odinga found herself in unfamiliar territory in Meru County on Saturday after she was heckled and booed by members of the Catholic Women Association despite being invited as the chief guest.

Trouble started when the Meru Diocese Catholic Women Association (CWA) coordinator Sr Gemma Kathure announced that only Ida would be allowed to address the meeting.

Ida had a difficult time addressing the congregation due to booing, necessitating Sr Gemma to keep interrupting her speech to silence the hostile church women.

Some of the women started walking away.

“I am here as a woman and you should not fail to listen to me because I am Raila Odinga’s wife. When you dress in the Catholic Women Association dress; it means you are a Christian. The faith should not only be seen by the dress but also from your heart,” she said.

She urged the women to continue praying for the country to ensure unity.

Sr Gemma called out a Meru woman politician, accusing her of inciting and charging the women to boo Raila Odinga’s wife.

To calm the situation, Father David Kaberia of St Joseph Cathedral intervened and asked other politicians including Senator Mithika Linturi to greet the congregation.

Linturi called for political tolerance saying all politicians should be given an audience irrespective of the side they support.

“As the Meru community, we should be welcoming to all people. We should give them a chance to speak,” he said.

Meru County Assembly Speaker Joseph Kaberia also condemned the incident.

Ida had attended a function by Catholic women where she revealed that she will always remain a staunch Catholic throughout her life.

“A day of reflection and prayer at the Catholic Women Association’s special celebration of the annunciation in Meru County. I have and will always hold onto faith that has remained a steady compass throughout my life,” She stated after the event.

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