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The Kenyan actors who have made it big in Hollywood are limited, but we cannot get enough of them.

Once you take a look at this list, you will find yourself getting familiarized with many of them because even you have been a fan of them since the moment they appeared on the screen.

Keep scrolling down to find the best Kenyan actors in Hollywood.

Top 10 Kenyan Actors In Hollywood

Before we go on with mentioning their names, let us tell you we will mention some of the best movies of these Kenyan actors. You can download the movies from The Pirate Bay and learn what we are talking about.

1: Edi Gathegi

You must remember the sexy villain in Twilight who made it his life’s mission to hurt Bella and punish Edward?

From X Men: First Class to The Harder They Fall, Edi Gathegi has done remarkable jobs in each movie he has been in. 

Some of his best movies are Pimp, Caged, Gone Baby Gone, My Bloody Valentine, Bleeding Heart, etc. 

2: Benjamin Onyango

He has not only been a top Kenyan actor in Hollywood, but his occupation as a voice artist has also gained him enough praise.

Tears of the Sun, Heavenly Deposit, Freshman Year, Beautifully Broken are some of his best movies.

He is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

This multitalented man is also a writer, so you can imagine how versatile he is in his profession.

3: Lupita Nyongó

She is the stunning diva who won an Oscar for the best-supporting actress in 12 Years A Slave.

The Mexican-Kenyan actress is born in an influential family in Kenya. 

She was the 4th Academy Awards winner after Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz, and Kate Winslet.

Some of her great movies are Gone with the Wind, From Home to Eternity, A Beautiful Mind, Shakespeare in Love, Mrs. Miniver, etc. 

4: Raymond Ofula

Ofula has been a seasoned Kenyan actor in Hollywood who is famous locally and internationally.

With over 40 years of experience in the film industry, you can count him as an expert in the show business.

From The Boy who harnessed the Wind to Naku Penta Naku Taka, Ofula has killed every role he has ever played.

5: Lenny Juma

Apart from being a successful Kenyan actor in Hollywood, he is also a casting director.

Since 1971, he has been part of many movies.

You certainly remember him in the iconic roles of Arthur and the Invisibles, Indiana Jones Chronicles, The Constant Gardener, etc.

6: Kiran Shah

You probably did not know there has been a Kenyan-Indian actor in the 2005 Chronicles of Narnia, right?

Well, Kiran Shah has been in other movies, including Superman, Superman II, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Dark Crystal, Gothic, Alice in Wonderland, etc.

Potterheads must also remember him from his role in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone, so this actors’ Hollywood filmography is pretty strong.

7: Christine Wawira

Although she started making her living with her photography skills, her performance in many Hollywood movies, TV shows, commercials, and series has made her a true icon.

This actress is bold and bald, which makes the entire room aware of her presence when she enters.

From Hola America to Flash, from Tough Call to Hacksaw, her performance has been excellent in all the movies.

She was formerly known as Naila Pierce when she was a model. 

8: Charles Gitonga Maina

His natural talents in doing Basketball tricks is something that has made him a true icon in the movie ‘The Air Up There.’

He also got a Basketball Scholarship, so you can imagine how good he is at the game.

Since this movie’s release, Maina has been a common name in Hollywood. 

9: Mary Oyaya

You probably know her from her acting in the Star Wars movies, and since then, she has been the A-listers in Hollywood who made it big from Kenya.

Her acting in Lost Souls is also commendable, which further reminds her of her skills as a remarkable actor.

She has always wanted to be famous since her childhood, and now that she is a big shot in Hollywood, we can proclaim that her dream has come true.

10: Owiso Odera

The list of Kenyan actors making it big in Hollywood can’t be complete without mentioning Odera’s name.

Relative Obscurity, Asha, H4, The Thirst: Blood War are some movies he has been in.

We must say his performance in all those movies has been a significant milestone in his career.

Final Note

These Kenyan actors are making it big in Hollywood, and we are incredibly proud of them.

Even being black-skinned, they are earning almost as high as some of the white actors in Hollywood.

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