Thursday, 03 February 2022 – Prophet David Owuor’s church ministry is reportedly crumbling like the Biblical Tower of Babel.

The self-proclaimed mighty prophet of God, who once commanded a huge audience and rubbed shoulders with prominent leaders, has lost a sizeable following.

He recently conducted a survey to see how many people still follow him and the results shocked him.

He discovered that only 42,000 people, including children, follow his controversial religious doctrine.

Owuor has closed so many churches that he had set up across the country after bishops and congregants left his ministry.

He is also struggling financially and that’s why he doesn’t hold frequent mega crusades because of logistics.

He is so broke that he can’t afford to pay for live TV coverage like he used to do before.

The flamboyant prophet has in the past been accused of running a cult disguised as a church.

He was once taken to court by the family of a wealthy businesswoman after he brainwashed her and took control of her property, including lavish apartments in the leafy suburbs of Nairobi.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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  1. Please stop the propaganda and leave the man of GOD alone. If you know where else on earth HIV/AIDS has been healed and deleted from patients’ blood and government medics who had confirmed both the posive and negative status come to corroborate the miracles like it happens in the MINISTRY OF REPENTANCE AND HOLINESS please tell. Otherwise this malicious author can continue covering up the many fake servants, busy pursuing the wealth and pleasures of this earth openly, posing as if the earth is their eternal home and what GOD THE CREATOR says in the BIBLE regarding death and end of age doesn’t matter to them. That other church is quite distinct. However, members of this glorious MINISTRY of the LORD are looking forward to the RAPTURE of the HOLY CHURCH and life eternal in the KINGDOM OF THE EVERLASTING GOD. For your information, a journalist who covered MENENGAI 4 as we crossed over into 2022, surrendered to CHRIST JESUS after he witnessed the genuine miracles the MESSIAH performed at the meeting. You shamelessly link the prophet of GOD with love of money and the wealth if this world! Behold those fake preachers, obsessed with the materialism this world, are well known.

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