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Thursday, 20 January 2022 – Former Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, has revealed that he almost took his own life inside city hall before he was impeached.

Reacting to the sad news on Dj Lithium’s death, the ex-city boss said that he fell into depression and almost committed suicide when his close friends among them EALA MP, Simon Mbugua, betrayed him after inciting him to disrespect the head of state, only for them to go and report him later.

 There was a time I almost committed suicide at city Hall after realizing my close friends at the county assembly and one from EALA incited and advised me to start war together with a certain friend of mine after realizing NMS was being handed over to a military personnel after they saw a lot of money was being channeled there,” he wrote.

Sonko later realized that his close friends had selfish interests.

They went to the President behind his back and advised him to kick him out since he had become rebellious, yet they are the same people who had incited him to disrespect the head of state.

“They incited me to go against the boss and at the same time they went to him and told him ‘see how Sonko is rebellious it is better we kick him out’. 

“That’s when I knew that which eats you is within you. 

“Be aware of friends who pretend to be loyal in the face but in the heart they are poisonous. RIP DJ LITHIUM,” he added.

Read his tweets below.

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