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Friday, January 14, 2022 – President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga took on Deputy President William Ruto for being at the forefront in opposing constitution amendment proposals.

Speaking at State House during a luncheon with handshake-leaning legislatures, Uhuru indirectly told MPs that Ruto is the biggest stumbling block for a better Kenya.

He criticized the DP for always opposing constitutional changes for short-term political gains, noting that most of the amendments have always been aimed at improving the country’s governance system.

“And for the political parties amendment that we are trying to push through which some people have tried to demonize as they demonized BBI.”

“The bill is giving us an opportunity to be able to formally work together across political parties in the interest of the nation,” the President said.

In his speech, Raila said constitutional making is always a work in progress and those opposing such amendments do not understand who the constitution is made for.

“Even the democratic constitution of the United States of America is still work in progress and they have got several amendments which they always put to use. 

“his includes the fifth amendment and Sixth Amendments,” Raila said.

“So, really, it is not a crime for somebody to see something wrong in our Constitution or in our law that we need to change. 

“It always makes things better.” Raila added.

Ruto and his allies have opposed the BBI and are opposed to the current Political Parties Amendment Bill that is before the Senate.


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  1. Uhuru and Raila why would you two always be the ones advocating for changes to the constitution? I know Uhuru is the new convert on the advocacy for change as Raila has always been the one doing this .Immediately after the 2013 elections there was the Okoa Kenya shenanigans then BBI,and now the political parties bill. just note that Uhuru umerokwa na Raila na umerokeka.Most Kenyans know that William Rutto is not the problem but the problem is yourself Mr.President!!

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