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Sunday, January 9, 2022 – Political analyst Herman Manyora has urged Deputy President (DP) William Ruto to be mindful of his language ahead of the August polls.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Manyora, who is also a University of Nairobi (UoN) don, explained that he couldn’t keep quiet and watch as the DP made insensitive remarks.

Further, he cautioned political leaders against making remarks which could destroy the country, adding that there was a better time to have a conversation to ensure that Kenya remained united.

“I cannot keep quiet when I see leaders saying things that could destroy this country. In particular making reference to recent repeated remarks from the Deputy President.”

“I am asking him to reconsider and rethink. We only have one country called Kenya. Even those of you who may have the luck of owning homes outside this country, the pandemic should have taught you that we only have one country,” he stated.

Further, the political commentator noted that politicians should not make reckless statements, especially those seeking to become the president, because it is their responsibility to ensure the country remains united before and after the elections.

Manyora went on to add that the hustler narrative, which is being propagated by DP Ruto, is bad because dividing people along class lines is dangerous.

According to him, every Kenyan looks forward to a day when there will be equity in the country and it pained him to see Kenyans who live miserable lives.

Manyora was referring to remarks that Ruto made while on a tour of Busia County where he told off the families of the founders of Kenya, accusing them of stashing billions abroad while blaming others.


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