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By Bettern Chero Kibet.

Nick Ruto’s mom is not Rachel Ruto, Nick has a mom who is alive. Shockingly, Rachael presented Nick as a mom what I’m wondering is was Nick’s mom in the wedding or she was too poor to be shown around?

Most people don’t know June Ruto’s mom died, June is a stepdaughter of Rachael, not her biological kid but she’s a biological kid to DP Ruto. June has a different mom. 

Nick has a different mom from June’s mom and Rachael the third wife. 

Sharline is Rachel’s firstborn child and daughter wa Rachel Ruto, and for your information Rachael her real name is Rael Kimetto kwa ID not Rachael Ruto 

I’m shocked why Nick never involved his Biological mom in his marriage and went for his stepmom, or cos his mom is too poor to be shown around? 

The two (Nick and June ) hao waliletwa kwa Recho juzi when they were joining high school. They were in public primary schools in Kamagut their classmates wako all over here online can confirm, the two; Nick and June

Real Kimetto was my first employer at venture Afrika tours and travels way back 2005/2006 townhouse 3rd floor. I know all the information.

Most Kenyans don’t have this information 

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  1. after all this – who asked you.

    meza wembe.

    the parents have done good and done more good for the children.

    Wewe fala umefanya nini ila kinyonga na wivu tu!

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