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Tuesday, January 18, 2022 – Narc Kenya Chairperson Martha Karua stormed out of the hearing of the Building Bridges Initiative case at the Supreme Court after she differed with Chief Justice Martha Koome.

Commenting on Twitter after she and her team walked out of the chambers on Tuesday, Karua said it is wrong for the apex court to exclude 74th, 75th and 76th respondents from making their submissions.

The bench under the leadership of Koome told the respondents that they should be friends of the court and should not make submissions.

“We, therefore, submitted that the supreme court @Kenyajudiciary cannot turn around and lock us out having entertained us as respondents in previously #BBI, in any event, no litigant or interested party should be locked out of hearing or treated in a discriminatory manner especially in a court of last resort,” Karua tweeted.

The appeal was filed by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader, Raila Odinga, after the High Court and Court of Appeal last year declared the BBI as unconstitutional, null and void.


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  1. Uhuru and raila including useless Gedion moi who doesn’t know where is going just like a ship in the sea without a captain,they are drunk and desperate for power and sycophants who think of protecting there wealth and keep on making ordinary Kenyans slaves of there dirty deeds there fathers and mothers did horrible things and they are ashamed as naked Kings and queens just look at there families they can’t even stand or talk in-front of the citizens they smell evil, mother Koome is another educated fool controlled like a puppet on a string with two tooth less corrupt conmen who think they can rule for ever revolution is coming and it’s a dangerous game your playing this is not like Advanced America isn’t Africa Uhuru and Raila be warned let the people decide Kenyans are tired with three families Uhuru,raila and Gedion moi be warned this is a dangerous games you can have all military,police and GSU but you can’t defeat the citizens if Elon musk with $ 263 billions can feed Kenyans without complaining kwani Uhuru,raila and Gideon moi mulirogwa pesa yote you looted there is something terrible wrong with Kenyan leaders and there dirty leadership Kenyans open your eyes and choose wisely hii ujinga iko kenya haiko kwingine and yet we are all beggars including awere leaders.

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