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Friday, 21 January 2022 – A former staff at KTN has taken to social media to expose the toxic working environment at the Mombasa Road-based media house, following the death of Dj Lithium at Capital FM offices.

Read his viral Facebook post below.

Following the debate about Dj Lithium’s tragic suicide, attention has been brought to the issue of workplace bullies on Twitter. I have to speak about that. 

I once had a stint at KTN doing a show called the Ultimate Challenge back in 2014/15.

One of the worst bullies I met there was one of the production heads there.

Terrible person. She’s still there. 

The lady really enjoyed terrorizing her colleagues with her moods and telling them off in public. I watched one of her juniors just terrified to enter her office weighing which mood she was in before he went in to explain an issue. 

Tuliheshimiana kwa umbali until she tried that with me one day, blasting me in public over a production issue.

I stood my ground, told her off and even emailed her bosses about her behaviour and copied her. 

Nothing happened. 

We were never even called to a meeting and my email was never replied to. I finished my stint and left. 

That’s when I realized this bully had deep roots at the top.

How she’s never been outed baffles me considering that’s a media environment and media people are considered outspoken. 

But maybe they are too afraid to say, I don’t know. Too many of us given the prospect of outing a workplace bully or maybe losing our pay would chicken out for good reason. 

After all kazi ni ngumu kupata.So unavumilia. 

Or maybe she changed but I highly doubt it.

This toxic madam drove fear into the hearts of many and really enjoyed it.

That kind of wicked entertainment is hard to give up.

The tragic tale of Dj Lithium really got me thinking. 

How sad these things are yet the bullies continue on, now even leaving bodies in their wake.

Usually such people are very sweet to their superiors to the point that they can’t be imagined to be the monsters that they are to their juniors.

Yet they are terrorizing their juniors daily with their workplace demands and curt language.

To all of you who leave your homes to go and be monsters at work, perhaps this DJ’s death was not in vain.

People are beginning to speak, and soon, very soon, your bullish days will be over.


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