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Tuesday, 25 January 2022 – Rapper Miracle Baby of the defunct group Sailors Gang has revealed that his marriage is on the rocks and hoped his wife will come back home soon. 

In a post shared on his Instagram account, the faded Gengetone rapper desperately begs his wife to get back home.

 He goes ahead to lament how his wife has denied him time with his friends and even how she scolds him like a baby whenever he does anything wrong.

“Nitaongea ukweli umenikalia saana saaana umenifungia saana ady sipati time na maarif wangu nikidu kitu ya ufala wewe hunikelelesha Kama mtoto,” read part of his post.

He further said that despite all that, his wife remains the most special woman on the planet.

Lakini wacha nikuambie kitu moja na uniskize kwa makini siku yenye utawai badilisha kuduu ivo wee hunidu tutakosana na nitakusema kwa mum coz nmezunguka Dunia sijawai pata mwenye atanipatia favor yenye umenipea beb nakupenda coz you are two in one una represent my mum na my wife at the same time” he added.

Most people have labelled him a simp after the post went viral.

“Hii ni excessive simping” one of the social media users reacted to the post.

“He could be having a problem seeing a mum in a woman and that’s too much for the lady, they both need advice,” another one added.

Read his full post below.

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