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Thursday, January 13, 2022 – Renowned blogger and social media strategist, Dennis Itumbi, has narrated his ordeal with the ‘hit squad’ that abducted him on December 23 last year at Thindigua, Kiambu County.

Itumbi, who is currently working as Deputy President William Ruto’s social media manager and adviser, stated on Thursday that the six men who kidnapped him had taken turns beating him.

“The hit squad, which operates in fear of being seen, exposed, or pointed out in public, had long dropped the Premio that had picked me up at Thindigua, outside a barbershop, and at this time the six men had taken turns beating me with what felt like hammers and other crude weapons,” he explained on his Facebook page.

He claimed that the kidnappers, whom he described as “rogue police officers,” asked him to change his political views, but he refused.

“Lazima, ubadilishe your political persuasion to match the boss’s,” Itumbi said the kidnappers told him.

“Whoever it is, tell him that we will not change our political beliefs by using force and threats; he must learn the art of persuasion,” he responded.

He claimed that individuals in two double-cabin vehicles dumped him naked in a forest before driving away.

Itumbi said the kidnappers told him they didn’t kill him, but if he screams, they will come back and kill him.

“As they drove away in two double cabins, it was pouring heavily. 

“There was a black one and a white one. I was dumped into the forest naked,” Itumbi added.

He was later found by a Good Samaritan who rushed him to Uhai Neema Hospital in Kasarani.


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