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Saturday, January 22, 2022 – Unapologetic Karen Nyamu has vowed to talk about ‘Chuma ya Ruto’ every opportunity she gets after she stirred a storm over her suggestive speech loaded with sexual innuendos during a UDA rally in Nairobi, where Deputy President William Ruto was present.

Nyamu made her stand clear as she sought to clarify her ‘chuma remarks’ during United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party rally at Kenyatta market in Nairobi on Tuesday.

Speaking to a local daily, the Nairobi Senate seat aspirant said her reference to a strong Chuma (rod) that could do the work was an analogy to mean that as women, they will not allow a few individuals to sit in hotels and force them to elect an old man when they had an option in Deputy President William Ruto.

“As women, we are opposed to a few people holding meetings in hotels and forcing down our throats an old candidate. 

“We prefer a younger energetic leader like Ruto ready for work,” she added.

Karen said she had no apologies over her remarks, saying UDA supporters were okay with her sentiments.

“I will repeat it in my next political speech anywhere because that is the truth, I will not sugarcoat it, Kenyan women want a young and energetic leader,” she said.

She accused her political opponents of trying to sexualise her remarks for propaganda, saying Kenyans know in politics there are analogies and hers is no different.

“This is all propaganda by our opponents and I cannot allow them to gag me, I will speak my mind and campaign for my candidate in the way I chose,” she added.


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