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Thursday, January 27, 2022 – Kitui County Governor, Charity Ngilu, has blasted Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader, Musalia Mudavadi, after he joined Deputy President William Ruto’s political bandwagon on Sunday.

Speaking in Kitui County on Wednesday, Ngilu took a swipe at Mudavadi for previously blaming DP Ruto for every problem that afflicted Kenyans after a fallout with President Uhuru Kenyatta before he went ahead to unite with him.

The county boss alleged that the move by Mudavadi was deceitful, questioning what had changed from the moment he blamed DP Ruto for the problems facing Kenyans until the time he teamed up with him ahead of the August general election.

Ndugu Hon Musalia W Mudavadi, in your own words, help us understand here. 

“Between the confusion, you and the fellow you have until recently blamed for every problem afflicting Kenyans, what/who has changed? Deceit is deceit whether by you or your new bosom buddy. Tusidanganyane please,” Ngilu said.


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  1. Empty skulls!

    Sale your polices that meeting to talk about Hon. Mudavadi. He has saved himself from the demons of the two vampires fraudster of uhuru and raila. You ombies took their bribes (the our missing in action eurobonds I & II and all the loots). The vampires fraudster should not read you the riot act for receiving the bribes that make you fools meet to only talk about Hon. Mudavadi.

    It’s a confirmation the earthquake happened and it’s effect are obvious:

    The entire citizens of kenya should not waste their time election this zombies to any election post they file their names: let them share the bribed loots with their votes as they too don’t give them their votes.

  2. The chickens are coming back home to roost yet there is no shelter and the farm house is already blown by hurricane, the farmer is lost of ideas no where to be found only the neighbors can help Azimio la ummoja is an empty nest the chics are seeking asylum for harsh weather.

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