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Tuesday, 18 January 2022 – Police have launched investigations after the body of a middle-aged lady was found dumped outside the GSU Recce Squad camp in Ruiru, Kiambu County.

The body of the young lady, who is said to be in her early twenties, was stashed in a sack and put in a black suitcase with her hands tied from behind.

Confirming the incident, Juja Sub-County Police Commander, Dorothy Miragusha, disclosed that the lady was hacked to death.

The body had a written message suspected to be from the killers which read, ‘Bwana ya mtu ni sumu’, an indication that she might have been killed for messing around with someone’s husband.

“She had ink writings on the chest, both palms and both thighs which read “Bwana ya mtu ni sumu,” read part of the police report.

Police suspect that she might have been killed elsewhere and the body dumped outside the highly guarded GSU Recce squad station.

The body was discovered on Monday evening by pedestrians, who then notified the police.

Here’s a photo from the scene of the crime.

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  1. Life can spring from an expected surprise in infidelity with no direct evidence no eyewitness, why and how lots of questions linger in many Kenyans mind and it’s high time for young ladies and boys 18 years and above to look for work or involve them selves in business instead of getting easy money through sex, destroying marriages and focus for there future and for parents it’s high time to keep a serious check for there teenagers whom they are hanging out with especially friends and relatives, it’s time for each and every one of us out there to be vigilant and watch each other’s back before the next victim ends up in a suitcase make up your minds may be next time you could be next.

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