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Who Invented JavaScript?

Programming is an omnipresent influence on our lives that only a tiny percentage of people know the first thing about. Despite that, JavaScript has transcended that niche community and became a household name virtually everyone with a computer has heard. Where did it all start? 

The Father of JavaScript

Out of the hundreds of programming languages in the world, very few can claim to have changed the world of computer science forever. C, Python, and Java are a few, but even among these industry titans, JavaScript is the only one developed in a mere ten days. The man behind this impossible feat? Brenden Eich. 

Before JavaScript

JavaScript may be Brendan Eich’s legacy, but it wasn’t how his life began. Born on the fourth of July in 1961, Brenden moved around several times throughout his childhood. He went from Pennsylvania to Maryland, to California, where he would attend college and earn his bachelors’ degree at Santa Clara University. His master’s degree would come later at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

During his college days, he fell in love with building programming languages. Lexical analysis and language parsings were things of beauty to him. This passion would prove indispensable when he entered the workforce under Silicon Graphics, developing operating systems and network code. His employment there lasted seven years.

Brenden spent his next three years writing microkernel and DSP code for MicroUnity Systems Engineering. Finally, with a decade of experience under his belt, at 35 years old, it was time for Brenden Eich to change the world. 

How It All Came to Be

A company called Netscape was looking for an experienced programmer to help them develop an in-browser programming language. While now defunct, Netscape was the dominant force in the early days of the internet. Brenden’s original intent was to model his new project after the already existing Scheme language. This changed a bit throughout development, and with some pressure from Netscape, Brenden’s language had adapted the best qualities of Scheme, Java, and Self.

After ten sleepless nights, all that was left was to find the perfect name! Originally this beautiful new language was called Mocha. A few months later, its name was changed to LiveScript, and then finally JavaScript.  


The Evolution of JavaScript

No great invention is perfect upon creation. Technology is all about refinement. Javascript continued to evolve well after its creator finished it. Netscape would continue to improve JavaScript, as well as push for its popularity. With the help of Ecma International, a nonprofit standards organization for information and communication systems. Javascript would become universal across every browser.

In 2009, CommonJS began its mission to give JavaScript functionality beyond the browser, starting the path to Node.js. Today JavaScript is the 3rd most popular programming language worldwide! 

Where is Brenden Eich Now?

Since designing JavaScript, Brenden co-founded Mozilla, a free, open-source software designed to manage open-source Netscape code. Brenden has been no stranger to controversy, however. He was forced to resign 11 days after being appointed the CEO of Mozilla in 2014 for his comments expressing his disapproval of same-sex marriage.

Afterward, Brenden became the CEO of Brave Software, a company that develops web browsers, where he remains to this day. He hasn’t updated his website since 2017, but he is a very active Twitter user if you’d like to stay up-to-date on everything Brenden Eich.  

The Man Who Invented JavaScript

We live in an age where great technological innovators are the most famous people in the world. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk are all names everyone in your household knows. Yet, in the shadows of the legends, a thousand vital keystones are overlooked. Brenden Eich has left his mark on the world, and is a great site to learn how Brenden’s work can make your life better today. Will you be the next to rise to greatness?

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