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Monday, 20 December 2021 – Flamboyant city preacher, Rev. Lucy Natasha of Oracle Church and her fiancé prophet Samuel Carmel, have nowhere to hide after they were unmasked for using the same actor to perform fake miracles.

This is after a video of the two preachers performing different miracles on the same man during an alleged prophetic service emerged.

Apparently, the man was hired.

In the first scenario, Lucy Natasha speaks in tongues and alleges that God has spoken to her that there is a man from Zambia who is attending the service and he has a wife back in Zambia called Cecilia.

He tells the man to come forward to the pulpit for prayers.

The man rushes to the pulpit and Natasha starts prophesying to him.

She alleges that he is gifted in business but he lacks anointing and then prays for him to get the anointing.

In the second scenario, the same man is used by Natasha’s fiancé Prophet Samuel Carmel to perform another fake miracle during another ‘prophetic service’ but on a different day.

This time around, the same man, dressed in the same trouser that he was wearing when Natasha used him to perform a fake miracle, claims that his sight has been restored after Prophet Samuel prayed for him.

He lies that he lost his sight about a year ago while giving testimony but after Prophet Samuel’s prayers, his sight was restored mysteriously.

Below is a video exposing the two fake preachers badly faking miracles using the same actor.

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