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Saturday, 04 December 2021 – Christmas is 21 days away and Classic 105 presenter, Maina Kageni, has already made up his mind on how he will celebrate the big day.

The flamboyant radio presenter revealed that he was to travel to Cape Town but he had to change his plan after a new Covid-19 variant was announced in South Africa.

He will now fly to Mauritius with his friends to celebrate Christmas and he is really looking forward to the big day.

The friends who are accompanying him to Mauritius reside in the United States of America and they have already booked hotels.

 “Last year, I did not take a Christmas vacation due to Covid-19. 

“I am really looking forward to this one. I had planned to go to Cape Town but there is a new variant of Covi-19, so am gonna do Mauritius. 

“I have an entire gang from the US,” he said.

Maina Kageni is among the best-paid radio presenters in Kenya and can afford all the fancy things in life.

Word has it that he is paid close to Ksh 2 Million per month.

He also rakes in millions of shilling from brand endorsements and emceeing in corporate events.

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  1. You see my friend unatuambia tufanye nini, what I really love about Kenyan citizens so much and the best of all they doesn’t care who you’re,what type of car or jet you’re in and where you spend your shit of money on and who ever your with because at the end of the day hatusaidiani live your life and I will live mine and the best part of it wangoje kwa Twitter,Facebook and telegram even the foreigners fear social media attacking Kenyans sasa wewe endelea kuota and when your time comes then utajuwa hujui some of us are Billionaires na tuko Kenyan hatuendi mahali na hatuna sifa za umalaya tumetulia we spend a little kwanza watu maskini hutaja mambo yao sana sasa wewe wacha Kimbelembele na umalaya.

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