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Friday, December 3, 2021 – A curious netizen has revealed how he warned Inspector General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai’s son to be careful on the road before he was involved in an accident that killed two Boda Boda riders.

Keru Mwangi claimed that he chased Mutyambai’s son’s pickup along the southern bypass after he attempted to hit him and told him to be careful when driving along the risky bypass.

However, minutes after warning him, he was involved in a grisly accident that fatally injured two Boda Boda riders and left a woman fighting for her life at a city hospital.

“Let me put it clear about the accident that happened along the southern bypass after he almost hit me I chased the pickup & blocked him I told the driver 2drive careful, even though they looked drunk with other ladies but ignored me, less than a 1 km he killed 2PEOPLE,” Keri Mwangi wrote.

Here are more photos of the accident.

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  1. This type of children think because his father is IG the country belongs to them and have a right to terrorize, kill and destroy properties of other people forgetting they have a long way to go,his father was just employed like any other na sio mkubwa wakila mtu, his son broke the law and killed the innocent he must be accountable of his actions police and the judges plus the lawyers must do there work without collecting any bribes and with no favors, no one fears this type of children who think they are special than others they forget they are just special to there parents when they are out in the public we don’t care,infact he is luck people did not take matters on there hands he could have been stoned to death.

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