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Via Robert Alai.

Dear Robert,

I write to you requesting that you help in highlighting to the world the blatant violations of local workers’ rights by expatriate managers of Carrefour Supermarkets Kenya.

Almost two months ago a senior expatriate manager Aurelie Boucher was engaged in a face of with one of her juniors, she racially insulted her junior, the aggrieved party threatened to report the issue to the police.

The following day the gentlemen was summoned in the office and threatened with dire consequences if he ever tried to make good his threat. 

A few days later a memo ( I have attached the MEMO duly signed by the mentioned manager) was issued to all Managers and staff barring them from reporting any issue including criminal violations to the police. 

We feel that this is a great violation of our constitutional right which is not subordinate to any company policy or law. 

There is a lot of racial discrimination and we are classified just the way we were classified in the colonial days – French, Arab then Africans (Kenyans) we have exclusive groupings on racial lines that the outside world cannot see. 

In some instances, the discrimination extends even to customers for instance if a black person comes with a complaint on a product issue he is not taken seriously the way a white person would be treated. 

If you ask the local managers about this they will vindicate me. 

A white person will return a product and be given a refund even if it is outside the return policy but a black person will be taken in circles and sometimes dismissed for a genuine concern or complaint. 

All these issues have been reported to the internally provided integrity hotline which never sorts anything.

Please highlight our plight so the whole of Kenya can know how this seemingly rosy company is violating the laws of our land with disregard.

Carrefour Supermarkets Kenya – Staff.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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