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Friday, December 31, 2021 – Renowned Kenyan scholar and columnist, Prof Makau Mutua, has attacked Education Cabinet Secretary, Prof George Magoha, for banning gay children from attending boarding schools.

Speaking during the annual headteacher’s conference in Mombasa on Thursday, Magoha urged the school heads to bar learners engaging in homosexuality from boarding schools.

Instead, the tough-talking CS ordered the said students to be enrolled in day schools near their homes and those already in boarding schools to be transferred.

“Right now, there are contemporary cases of children who are homosexual and lesbians, they must go to day schools close to their homes. 

“Your responsibility should be for the greater majority and not a few individuals. 

“Do not allow yourselves to be intimidated by children,” Magoha said.

Magoha’s directive did not augur well with Prof Makau who termed the move as discriminatory, archaic and Neanderthal.

CS Magoha is a bigot and a Neanderthal. To bar gay children from boarding schools is unconstitutional, discriminatory, and inhuman. 

“Being gay is as natural and African as being asexual, heterosexual, pansexual, and bisexual. We must love ALL our kids no matter their sexualities,” Makau, who is also a human rights defender, stated on his Twitter page.


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  1. Makau mutua take your bullshit to the west we are Africans and we have awere own cultures and morals CS magoha is very right and we as parents we support magoha decision no child is born a lesbian and homosexual this are behaviors which are being accrued by children who are raised by single parents plus watching useless programs in the media parents must take there responsibilities and raise the children with good morals and how to behave in society according to the law, God created Adam and Eve not the other way round this madness of Western culture must remain to the west, Students lesbians and homosexual must be isolated from well mannered students with Godly morals the Ungodly to remain in there homes where the parents allow those kind of behaviors,makau mutua peleka ujinga mbali your educated fool.

  2. Prof Mutua is right on this one. Magoha’s directive is inhumane and discriminatory. We should love and embrace all learners regardless of their sexuality.

  3. Giza na mwangaza haupatani lesbian and homosexual is a big no God created Adam and Eve hiyo ushetani pelekeni America and if you force the society lesbian and homosexual will be killed one by one this is serious Ami don’t force things be warned.

    • I am not forcing anything. I am pleading with you and others to be accepting people who are not like you. Gay people are not a threat to you.

  4. Hatuwezi sumbuliwa na ushuru,corona and dead economy then I here my son or daughter is a lesbian or homosexual i will kill him or her before then sun rise it’s abomination in this era I swear I will finish before the sun rise I better be jailed for life than to see my son or daughter becomes a gay or lesbian am really prepared for that and ready to be taken to jail even the Bible condemns lesbian and homosexual they must be stoned to death.

  5. It’s a horror to find out your son is homosexual or your daughter is a lesbian it’s devastating and sickening to find out the only people who you call relatives and friends turn your children to lesbian and homosexual it’s for every parent to be vigilant and serious who your friends and relatives are because we are living in a toxic society and be warned it’s a serious issue and if I found out who you’re and where you stay for doing such evil deeds I will be the first to kill you before I kill my daughter or son it’s painful be warned homosexual and lesbian stay away we shall as parents kill each one of you one by one be warned this is not a walk in the park, am a parent be warned.

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