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Thursday, 02 December 2021 – A lady has written to renowned activist Njeri Wa Mwigi to help her seek justice after she was brutally assaulted by her ex-husband, who is a cop.

She almost lost her life in the hands of her abusive ex-husband, who then bribed senior cops to block justice.

Read her sad story below.

I trust you are keeping well. My name is Anne Adhiambo. I come from Trans-Nzoia County. 

I have a frustrating story that I’d wish to share with you… I am 27 years old, I was married to a police officer namely Michael Machage who is stationed in Kiminini police station.

 We have been Together for 1.5years now and together, we have 6-month-old twin boys. 

On 14.11.2021 this guy assaulted me. He kicked,punched,slapped me severally and hit me with a metal on my head and eye until I lost my left eyesight, I bled to near death. 

The reason being, I came home late from the salon. I came home at 6.04 pm. I had to run for my life that very day, I went home to my parents to seek refuge. On 16.11.2021 after receiving medication,I decided to seek justice.

I had a P3 form filled by the doctor and when I went to Kiminini police station (where my ex husband works) to ask to be written an OB and requested for my P3 form(police section) to be filled, I was denied access. 

I had to go back to Kitale Police station and talked to the OCPD and gave him my story. 

The Kitale OCPD then called the Kiminini OCPD(Mr. Tumbo) and asked him to help me out. 

That’s when Kiminini OCPD invited me to his office and after I told him what happened, he allowed the OCS to be in charge of my story and therefore, my P3 form was filled in and was allowed to file a case against Michael. 

On 17.11.2021 I went back to write my statement and the OCS told me I will be called when the file is ready, so I left. 

The next day, I talked to my friend about my case and this friend happened to know a certain lawyer and we were introduced. Unfortunately, this lawyer was out of town and would return back after four days. 

Even though the lawyer and I talked on phone and he told me to go back to Kiminini and request the Investigation Officer to speed up the filing process because I really needed to take this matter to court. 

I really wanted justice to prevail. On reaching Kiminini, the police officers were so harsh and asked me to go back home claims that I’ll be called when the file is ready. Seeing that the wheels of justice are turning slowly everyday, I went back to Kitale Police Station and I talked to a lady police officer who introduced me to The County Commander (a lady).

The County Commander and I held a brief conversation about my case claiming she already knows about it because the Kitale OCPD had mentioned it earlier. 

So she told me she commanded the OCPD to speed up the file and take it to the DPP. And she then told me that the OCPD had said the file is complete and already at the prosecutor’s office. So all this time, I’m sitting waiting to be called to appear before court but nothing. 

I went back to the County Commander’s Office the next day only to find her out of office. Good thing, the lawyer was back in town and I went to see him because I needed answers to all these questions I asked myself. 

On hearing my story, the lawyer immediately called the DPP’s office to find out if the file has their attention but he was told the office has received no file. 

The lawyer then told me that I was taken for a fool and it’s all games being played by the County Commander and Kiminini OCPD, the lawyer claims that it seems wamekula hongo that is why they haven’t arrested the culprit yet and they don’t want to compromise his job by taking him to court. 

The lawyer advised me to look for money so that we can write a letter to IPOA but I have no cent on me. I come to you today seeking help because I see the good work you are doing of helping the helpless. Njeri please, help me get justice, please. 

I don’t know what else to do and I am so frustrated. Please be my voice because I’m voiceless in this case. please, I’m requesting you. Thank you!

As we speak it’s been two weeks and the file hasn’t been in court and Anne Adhiambo is blind in one eye. We had a long call with Anne today morning and she wants her day in court and to see if she can get help for her eye.

We are calling for justice for Anne. Let’s not be silent about her plight.

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