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Friday, 03 December 2021 – Flamboyant musician, KRG The Don, has been dragged to court by his ex-wife Linah Wanjiru.

Wanjiru is demanding Sh 350,000 per month for spousal support.

In a court affidavit, Linah claimed that she was forced to move in with her mother after KRG kicked her out of their matrimonial home without prior notice.

She said that she has since suffered mental distress.

The mother of two said that she needs spousal support so that she can continue to maintain the lifestyle she was accorded before they separated.

As a result, she is demanding Sh 160,000 for house rent, Sh 50,000 for groceries, food, fruits and dry grain, Sh 25,000 for milk, Sh 50,000 for clothing, Sh 15,000 for water, Sh 30,000 for electricity and Sh 20,000 for toiletries.

KRG has dismissed Linah’s demands and accused her of sleeping around with men and abandoning their kids.

“ I don’t know who told people you can maintain an ex-wife who has been sleeping around and leaving behind my kids so she can go out and drink with useless people. 

“I wish they knew how much information and evidence I have against them. 

“They will see it in court and collapse,” he said.

“Your cousins are just misleading you since all they wanted was to see you down to their level including your sister. 

“You can tell by now, you are the breadwinner in your house yet you are jobless. 

“So where do they expect you to get money from if not from wera,” he added.

KRG further alleged that his ex-wife is playing victim, adding that he tried to salvage his marriage for months but his efforts did not bear fruits.

“You don’t have to lie to people to or play the victim here that you tried reconciling yet I spent months chasing you since I never wanted my kids to suffer but you became ignorant because I was giving you cash and freedom to sleep around using my money after taking my family efforts for granted,” he ranted.

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