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Tuesday, December 7, 2021 – The miners of the ill-fated quarry that collapsed in Siaya six days ago ignored a crucial warning.

This was revealed by a survivor who was rescued after the tragedy hit.

According to Bernard Ochieng, who is nursing injuries at a local hospital, the trapped miners ignored and dismissed him when he tried to warn them of the impending danger at the mine.

Ochieng revealed that he noticed soil particles falling from the walls of the mine and notified his seniors. 

However, the supervisor and other senior miners refuted his claims, terming him a complainer while urging him to quit if he was not comfortable with the work. 

The minor stated that he sent the warning at around 9 a.m. when the miners had taken a tea break.

Ochieng noted that he was lucky to escape with serious multiple injuries. 

Ochieng and one of his colleagues were not directly hit by walls that began curving in from one side, trapping those who were still mining.

Details have also emerged that out of the four who are still trapped in the rumble, one is yet to be accounted for.

The three are still communicating with the rescuers using pipes, urging the government to expedite the process of rescuing them as they are running out of energy and risk suffocation and starvation.

They decried high temperatures and low oxygen levels as the major challenges they are facing.


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