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How to Get Better at Solitaire

As its name suggests, solitaire is a game that you play alone. Another popular name for this is patience, because that’s what you require in order to win. You start off with downward and upward-facing cards. The object of the game is to rearrange the cards in order according to their suit.  

These days, there are many websites where you can play solitaire card games online, so you don’t really need to have a deck of cards on hand. There are also countless variations to this game, like Spider or Freecell.    

7 Tips to Master Solitaire 

Solitaire is an easy game to learn, but not every game is winnable. However, you can maximize your chances of winning with practice and by mastering a few tricks. Luck and strategy definitely play a role, and you will surely optimize your game from knowing some tips.    

1. Learn the Rules of the Game 

As with any other game, learning the basic rules is a must. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the basics of gameplay. Doing this will help you formulate strategies along the way. Always keep the object of the game in mind with every move you make. This will help you make fewer mistakes.   

2. Maintain as Many Columns as You Can 

Many players make the common mistake of trying to make long columns. Maintaining more piles will give you more set choices. Unless you can reveal a hidden card, that is. If you can, make stacks that are of opposite colors. This way, your chances of completing a set are higher.   

3. Reveal a Card as Your First Move 

Always make your first move to reveal a card for more choices. This means drawing a card from the deck. Revealing as many cards as possible will enable you to stack them more efficiently. Increasing your chances from the start of the game is a great move for this very reason.   

4. Put the Aces and Twos Away 

The moment you see aces and twos, stack them in the foundation piles. They won’t help you to uncover more cards.   

5. Leave No Empty Columns 

If you have the opportunity to clear a column, hold off until you have a king to start it up. It’s tempting to clear as many spaces as you can, but the empty column won’t be of any help until a king makes an appearance.   

6. Make Full Use of Your Kings 

Think a few steps ahead when figuring out how to play your kings. Choose a king with more available cards to build down with. If you have a queen or jack that will reveal a hidden card, select the king that will make use of these cards. The more hidden cards you uncover, the higher your chances of winning.   

7. Minimize Your Hidden Cards 

If you have the option of uncovering two or more different piles, pick the one with the most hidden cards. Revealing more face-down cards will allow you to clear more from the deck.   

Reasons to Play Solitaire 

Other than helping you pass the time, solitaire teaches you patience. It forces you to focus on the object of the game, thus keeping your mental health in check. As time goes on, playing will put you in a meditative state, so use it to relax after a long day. 

You’ll improve your analytical skills because planning ahead is a huge part of solitaire. If you are looking to improve your problem-solving skills, this is a fun way to do it. Being creative in finding solutions is something you can surely expect to gain from this game, so do yourself a favor and start playing!

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