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Friday, December 3, 2021 – Political analyst Herman Manyora has spelt doom for Deputy President William Ruto ahead of the much anticipated 2022 General Election.

Venting on his YouTube channel, Manyora foresaw a time when the crowd that flocks to Ruto’s political rallies will abandon him.

The University of Nairobi Professor analyzed a statement by former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga, who said that William Ruto is ahead of Raila Odinga and has a huge political wave.

Manyora acclaimed that William Ruto’s crowd is huge and they all support him, contrary to the opinion that they are with him for handouts.

The don noted that Kenyans are suffering from economic challenges and unemployment, and William Ruto has presented himself as a savior in this area, hence the huge following.

However, Manyora said that the huge wave that William Ruto has created will disappear because of the societal division it has caused between hustlers and dynasties.

According to him, the hustler narrative is also a contradiction as William Ruto and other leaders claiming to be hustlers are rich.

“One of the biggest challenges that hustler narrative has is trading on the dangerous. 

“It is dangerous to divide society into haves and have nots. 

“It is contradictory and self-defeating such that it cannot go far,” Manyora proclaimed. 


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  1. Continue pretty the bottom line is Dynasties are not Gods they are just dummy gods only a fool can support them we are tired conmen and conwomen plus there families it will come time they will be no more,wajinga waliisha kitambo.

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