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Monday, December 6, 2021 – New details have emerged over why President Uhuru Kenyatta cancelled last month’s Jubilee Party National Delegates Conference (NDC) that was to be held at the Kasarani Gymnasium.

The NDC was supposed to be held on November 30th and one of its main agendas was to expel Deputy President William Ruto and his lieutenants from the Jubilee Party.

Party bigwigs had gone on with the plan but a phone call from President Uhuru Kenyatta cancelled the event at the eleventh hour.

However, it has now been revealed that Uhuru cancelled the Jubilee NDC after the National Intelligence Service (NIS) warned of planned violence at the event.

According to impeccable sources, NIS had warned of plans to either boo the President in case he attended, or generally make the event ungovernable before the full resolutions could be read out.

The NIS had earlier on received intelligence that there was a group of spies in the party who had colluded with Ruto to heckle Uhuru.


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