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Tuesday, December 7, 2021 – One of the Mwingi bus tragedy survivors is counting herself lucky to be alive thanks to God’s miraculous ways.

Speaking to the press at her home on Tuesday, Juliet Mutua revealed that she is alive because of a simple face mask that costs Ksh10.

Juliet disclosed that she had joined her family members en route to Nuu to witness her parents renew their wedding vows. 

But upon realizing that she had left her face mask, she alighted to go fetch it but the bus started moving before she could board.

“I survived a tragedy by God’s mercies. I was trying to cross a river with the rest of my family to go to my dad’s wedding but then I realized I had forgotten to pick masks from my bag.

“I ran back quickly to get the masks and by the time I got back running after the vehicle, it started moving and swiftly it just swayed off and that is when everybody started screaming and they all started drowning,” she stated.

Mutua further revealed that she witnessed her relatives, including nieces and nephews, drown during the tragedy as she watched helplessly.

At one point, she attempted to go rescue the relatives but her driver prevented her from getting into the flooded river.

“It was a very tough experience and traumatizing because I think most people were in disbelief that it had just happened when we were all watching… I was just hopeless and screaming all over,” she added.


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