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Tuesday, December 7, 2021 – Residents of Kabete have come out to detail what transpired before the mass shooting that has left six people dead and others nursing injuries.

Speaking earlier today, the residents stated that the incident happened around 3 am today when they saw a speeding vehicle approaching them.

A police officer armed with an AK47 rifle jumped off the speeding car and opened fire at the locals who were up that early morning. This forced them to scamper for safety.

According to one of the eyewitnesses, they thought it was a case of crime in the area. The car turned and sped off in a different direction.

The eyewitness noted that they heard other gunshots from the direction the car went to, forcing them to contact the area OCS about what was happening.

The area OCS informed them that it was one of the officers who had gone on a shooting spree.

While moving away from the scene, they came across the bodies of victims who had been killed by the cop.

They also met one person who was still writhing in pain and rushed him to the nearest health facility to receive treatment.

The Boda Boda operators reportedly informed the locals that they were from a funeral together with some of the officers in that Probox car.

Another resident narrated that he was informed by the area Boda Boda chairperson about the commotion in the area.

He immediately rushed to find out what was happening only to meet bodies lying on the road.

The locals were later informed that the said police officer had shot his girlfriend and was shooting indiscriminately.

The police officer’s neighbour noted that he heard a loud bang forcing her to rush to the nearby police station to report the incident.

Upon returning, she stumbled on the body of the police officer’s girlfriend who had a gunshot wound in the neck. 


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