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Tuesday, 07 December 2021 – A family in Kuresoi has revealed that killer cop Benson Imbatu, who went on a shooting spree on Tuesday morning and killed six people in Kabete, murdered their son in 2018.

Philip, a father of two, was shot dead by Imbatu after he went to collect a security deposit from his previous landlady.

While he was waiting for the landlady to arrive, two cops, among them the killer cop Benson Imbatu, confronted him.

According to a neighbour who witnessed the incident that happened in Kangemi three years ago, Imbatu shot Philip at close range during the confrontation and killed him on the spot.

“They shouted ‘wewe unafanya nini hapa’ it’s when we heard a gunshot we rushed out only to find Philip lying in a pool of blood. 

“It seemed he shot him in the mouth. Little could be done, he was no more. 

“The landlady could have set him up to the cops who only acted on her instructions,” the neighbor said.

Philip’s family reported the matter to IPOA but they have never gotten justice to date. 

Philip’s grandmother, who brought him up, is said to have cursed those who killed her grandson.

“We have frequented IPOA, nothing was forthcoming, we decided to let go. 

“Grandma who brought Philip up prayed every day that “may whoever kill him not be at peace “. 

“God has finally answered her prayers. Unfortunately, he had to kill other people,” Philip’s cousin said.

Benson Imbatu is said to have gone berserk on Tuesday morning killing his wife and five other people.

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