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Saturday, December 4, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto’s tour of Ngong, Kajiado County, yesterday, was a free treat for residents who got an opportunity to access his chopper. 

The Red chopper that sat in the middle of a field was free of security surveillance, giving residents all freedom to enjoy the rare exhibition. 

Some residents went as far as entering the DP’s cabin and took selfies and videos which they shared on social media. 

Others took selfies as they laid their bare hands on the still propellers waving to fellow residents who stood a distance away as they watched in awe. 

The seemingly thrilled youths armed with yellow United Democratic Party caps walked aimlessly around the chopper, addressing YouTubers who had gathered to take videos of the chopper at close proximity. 

“Here it is, hustler nation,” stated one of the residents, who proceeded to have more fun as others recorded him. 

In addition, another group took selfies while shouting the ‘sipangwingwi’ slogan, a term found in a recently released Gengetone song that has become synonymous with most politicians in political rallies including the DP. 

This incident caught the attention of Kenyans, with most wondering where the DP’s security detail was, owing to the fact that the public is never allowed to interact with VIP’s aerial vessels lest they endanger the VIP. 


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