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Friday, November 26, 2021 – Former Speaker of the National Assembly, Francis Ole Kaparo, is embroiled in an ugly divorce process with his wife Mary Kaparo.

After 40 years of marriage, Kaparo’s wife has accused him of adultery, saying he has been cohabiting with another woman at a home in Kiambu.

In the divorce papers, Mary said that Kaparo admitted to living with a woman named Korere Paulata, and even said that he has now married her.

She further claimed that Kaparo also admitted to having affairs with other women who are not known to her.

And to add insult to injury, Kaparo is said to have doubted the paternity of some of their children, daring him to conduct a DNA test.

According to Mary, their marriage hit rock bottom in 2017 leading to Kaparo moving out of their matrimonial home recently to settle with the other woman in Kiambu.

 “I have been severely affected by the respondent’s inhuman treatment, dishonesty, and immoral character, and eventual desertion of the matrimonial home,” Mrs. Kaparo said in court documents.

The mother of four took the case to court to demand her share of the vast wealth that Ole Kaparo owns.

In his response, Kaparo accused his wife of being adulterous and cruel.

The former speaker cited a moment when he was admitted to hospital for 5 months but his wife never visited him.

He further stated that his wife is a drunkard, who gets violent when drunk.

He said he has had to leave their matrimonial home at night to avoid the violent confrontations with his wife.


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