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Friday, 12 November 2021 – A married woman who was linked to an affair with Makena Njeri has broken her silence.

The 36-year-old lady, who is married to a white man and works as a health worker, is reported to be one of the women that Makena Njeri was cheating on Michelle Ntalami with.

Edgar Obare revealed on his BNN page that she is the ‘less known married health worker’ that Michelle Ntalami was referring to when she exposed Makena Njeri’s illicit affairs with multiple women.

The said woman, who is identified as Dr. Claire Kinuthia, wrote a long post on her Instagram page addressing Edgar Obare and Michelle Ntalami.

She implies that Michelle Ntalami is on a mission of destroying her image through Edgar Obare and hinted that more is yet to come.

However, she remains unbowed.

Here’s her full statement.

  1. To have social media WEAPONIZED against me has been a harrowing experience beyond anyone’s possible imagination. Even knowing it was coming did nothing to steel me for the actual experience of living through it. Even worse I guess has been the expert and legal advice that the law here isn’t able to do much to protect anyone, even with evidence of premeditation.
    Watching the puppet-master skillfully at work though, I have to admit, has been awe-inspiring. To know you have the power to damage is one thing but to actually sit and plan it for maximum effect leaves one truly speechless. What a beautifully executed mission, start to finish, nothing left to chance. A meticulously controlled delivery and on exactly the right platform to guarantee maximum effect. Best of all is the ability to distance yourself just enough to make it seem to play out “organically” in the hands of the gossip-thirsty public, your puppets.
    No, I am not being trolled, I have been attacked.
  • For some reason though, I’m still here. I have woken up every day and lived, carried out my obligations and scheduled tasks for the week just as planned, despite the noise, despite the stares and poorly vailed whispers. Just to be clear, I’m not suicidal (lol! I love my friends for literally taking turns to check in on me just to make sure.) My family, friends, colleagues & the ‘They call me Daktari’ community I have worked so hard to build and nurture have truly rallied to create a solid wall of love around me and truly held me up. I am truly, truly grateful. Love and light to all of you.
    I’m absolutely clear on one thing though. My destiny and purpose must truly be great for this to be my path. It’s time to truly snap out of my sometimes-debilitating cocoon of self-doubt and self-criticism and start to fully live my highest calling. I am HERE for a reason.
    I’ve been told there’s still more to come, the aim being my complete and absolute destruction because the Queen isn’t quite done yet. There’s still a folder of “receipts” with my name on it. So I’ll sit still and do my best to survive. Meantime I’d like for my core niche audience to know that I’m still hard at work and there’s a lot of great content yet to come once the dust settles. 5 minute Fridays will be back next week. I just don’t have it in me to act normal right now. Cheers!

See her photos in case you missed them.

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