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Sunday, 7 November 2021 – Governor Alfred Mutua’s ex-wife, Lillian Nganga, claims her office had no budget when she was the Machakos County First Lady.

In a long statement posted on her social media pages to set the record straight following endless rumours that her aim was to use Mutua to get riches, Lillian said First Lady is just a title.

She didn’t get a salary or any allowances, contrary to social media reports that millions of shillings were allocated to her office.

She also rubbished reports that she destroyed Mutua’s first marriage.

He had parted ways with his first wife Josephine Thitu when they fell in love.

Here’s the statement that she posted.

Again, for the very very few who care for the truth.

 9 years ago, I kept quiet as social media blamed me for Alfred’s broken marriage – where the truth of the matter was their marriage was long broken before I met him. 10 years later, I am telling my truth.

 It is insane that a man wants to kill me and people close to me because he has been told NO. How primitive!


 1. The First Lady name is just a Title. The FL’s office comes with no budget, no salary, no allowances, no nothing. All works done by the FL’s office is via the Office of the Governor with the Governor’s direct approval.

 *All the work I did as FL was from my heart and I loved every second of it. I would do it all over again, and more!

 *The only County property I had as FL is a car. A car I returned 1 week before I announced my break up with Alfred.

 *Of you ignorant people saying I return County property, you come out as so foolish. Seek facts first.

 2. All Alfred has done is “Kuhanda Ithege” when it comes to the marriage. I know, respect and appreciate that cohabiting can be termed as marriage but the truth is we never signed any paper to show we were legally married and neither did we go through any traditional function that would have us become man and wife.

 *..and so I say again, Alfred and I were never legally married.

 3. A&L Hotel, through Ndash Enterprises LTD, has a loan with Family Bank Kenya. The hotel was not built with any one person’s money. We are 50/50 in the Venture.

 *Alfred and I are liable for the loan as the Directors. His Sister Ann Mutua who he transferred my shares to, is not liable – and she should therefore stay away from running A&L Hotel as a Director.

 4. It is very sad to see a whole society cementing the status quo of looking at women as lesser beings and objects. I hope change comes in my generation.

 5. As I said in the article and have told Alfred, I am for a mature and amicable separation. There’s no need for vengence. I’d want peace between us and eventually end up as friends – after all, we’ve had a decade together.

 6. Lastly, to all of you primitive people, the comment section remains open. Continue to expose your ignorance and stupidity.

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