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Tuesday, November 23, 2021 – The anticipated plot to kick out Deputy President William Ruto from the ruling Jubilee Party has hit a snag.

This is after President Uhuru Kenyatta changed his mind at the last minute on sacking Ruto as Jubilee Deputy Party Leader at the National Delegates Convention set to be held at the end of this month.

Jubilee politicians had outlined plans to oust Ruto as the party’s Deputy Party Leader between November 29 and 30, accusing him of insubordination, disrespecting the Head of State, and openly campaigning and supporting the United Democratic Alliance (UDA). 

However, Uhuru was reportedly irked by the plan, which was allegedly orchestrated behind his back and without his blessings. 

According to sources, the plan to oust the DP coincided with Uhuru’s State of the Nation Address, the second last in his final term. 

The president is said to be aggrieved by thoughts of how Ruto’s ouster would jeopardize his speech. 

Ruto is believed to have a following both in Jubilee and the country, and Uhuru was set to address a divided nation if the plan succeeded.

Uhuru feared that he would have been booed and jeered by Ruto’s allies in Parliament. 

The President was also worried about antagonizing delegates aligned with Ruto at the NDC.

His handlers alleged that ejecting Ruto before thousands of delegates would have backfired in the president’s face. 

The ouster would also have jeopardised Uhuru’s succession plan with Raila Odinga suffering collateral damage in the end.

Endorsing Raila was reportedly one of the agendas to be discussed in the aborted Jubilee NDC. 


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