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Saturday, November 27, 2021 – Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has told off Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala for lecturing him after he invited ODM Leader Raila Odinga to his National Delegates Conference (NDC), where he was endorsed as the party’s presidential candidate.

Speaking in Bungoma County yesterday, where OKA principals were drumming up support for their alliance, Kalonzo told Malala to his face that he is too young to understand what bringing a nation together means.

At the same time, Kalonzo appeared to suggest that Malala is too inexperienced politically to direct the principals on which way to go.

Besides, he told Malala that though he appeared to mean well for the party, it should not emerge in the future that he is working for Deputy President William Ruto.

“I want to tell you Senator Malala that you are a young boy in politics.”

“I would not wish to answer you but you don’t understand what it means to bring a country together.”

“You should be telling us to do the right thing by sticking together not sidelining someone (Raila) yet we need the support of everyone to win the top seat.”

“Let it not be that you are lecturing us here because you have been sent by that Wheelbarrow man,” Kalonzo said.

Senator Malala, who boycotted the Wiper NDC, from the onset was vocal against the invitation of Raila, saying the ODM leader is their competitor and should therefore not be involved in their strategy meeting.

He raised the same issue at the Bungoma rally, where he maintained that OKA should work together and keep Raila off from their meetings.


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