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Wednesday November 17, 2021 – Even as Kenyans still come to terms with the escape of terrorists from the highly guarded Kamiti Maximum Prison on Monday, details have emerged on how the three planned and executed it.

It took detectives from the Serious Crimes Investigations Unit of the DCI and prison authorities more than eight hours to analyse and deduce how the scheme that saw the terror convicts escape from the highly guarded Kamiti Prison was hatched.

The team, led by Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti, established that the most wanted trio could have been aided by prison wardens to escape.

The investigations revealed that the terror suspects dislodged a brick on the wall of their cell in Kamiti before escaping.

The detectives working on the case are trying to piece together information on how three managed to dislodge the brick without the wardens noticing the commotion.

It is through that wall that the three were monitoring the wardens as they continued orchestrating their escape plan.

The detectives stated that the trio could sometimes block the opening created by the dislodged brick using a card board in order to disguise it.

The night they escaped, the trio reportedly improvised super creative means. They used blankets and broomsticks to create makeshift ropes that they used to scale two high walls around the correctional facility.

It was also established from the intensive eight-hour probe that the terror convicts had drilled the wall where they dislodged the block.

The drilling went from the inside to the outside of the prison. 

Sources went on to reveal that a rusty chisel and razor blades were recovered during the operation. The chisel was reportedly used to dislodge the brick while the razor blade was used to cut the blanket into ropes that were used to scale the walls.

The three managed to beat three layers of security to escape.

Outside the cells, a team of officers is always on patrol supported by another team of officers from five watchtowers who can see all corners of the jail from their positions.

Kamiti compound is well lit with very powerful lights erected at strategic points illuminating the entire premise.

On top of that, the facility is fitted with CCTV cameras that monitor activities inside and outside the cells.

Seven officers who were arrested and arraigned will continue being in custody for 25 days pending investigations as they are believed to have abetted the terror convicts to escape.


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