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Thursday, November 11, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto has castigated the National Police Service (NPS) over their claims that the chaos during his Kondele tour was due to dishing out of handouts. 

Through his Communication Secretary, David Mugonyi, Ruto termed the police as careless for possessing vital intelligence regarding the chaos and did nothing to prevent it.

“The statement by the National Police Service, which carelessly profiles people in regrettable terms, underscores the fact that they had intelligence on the conspiracy to perpetrate lawlessness in broad daylight, and ample opportunity to stop it and facilitate a peaceful event, but consciously opted to engage in political mischief instead,” read part of the statement.

Further, the DP slammed the police for their claims of campaign finances being dished out to Kisumu residents.

He disputed the claims, pointing out that the police should focus on their rightful job.

“At no point was there deployment of campaign finances as alleged by the police. The police should not play around with people’s lives or property. Just do your job.”

Ruto noted that he was saddened by the events that unfolded as he had interacted with the Kondele residents multiple times prior. 

“The people of Nyanza, Kisumu and in particular Kondele and the Deputy President are not strangers.”

“They have come a long way and have interacted peacefully and productively with love and mutual respect for many years.

“The reckless deployment of lawless elements to tarnish their well-earned reputation of patriotism and robust democratic commitment is unfortunate and has no place in the Kenya we want.”

“Hustlers are peaceful people who believe in the solidarity of all Kenyans,” he stated.


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