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Wednesday, November 24, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto has faulted the economic model used by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his predecessor, Mwai Kibaki, as the major cause of poverty and unemployment in the country.

Speaking at Chebiriibei Primary School yesterday, Ruto said that the country needs to change how it conducts its business to improve the lives of Kenyans.

He said that the best economic model that can save the country from various vices is his “Bottom-Up” economic model, and not the one being used by Uhuru or Mwai Kibaki in the previous government.

“This country has since independence embraced policies of trickle-down economics, which have completely failed. 

“We must change the policies to a bottom-up model that will solve our problems,” the DP said.

Ruto said that if he is elected as the president next year, he will pump Ksh 50 billion into the economy that will, in turn, create 4 million jobs for the youth.

Ruto also vowed to complete all dam projects that have stalled in Uhuru’s administrations over corruption allegations.

He claimed that Itare, Bosto, Londiani, Kimwarer, and Soin-Koru dams were stalled because of the political interests of some individuals in the government.

“I want to assure Kenyans that all the projects we rolled out will be completed next year,” he said.


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  1. It is not true that you will complete the projects your government ought to had finished before the second phase of your presence in the same office, but you are the one who stole all the money you are now throwing to the youth, women and your cronies elsewhere. Cheat no one but Kenyans knows your. unhealthy behavior in the government. If you are a man, account for the huge money you are buying the vulnerabkes.

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