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Tuesday, November 9, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto’s allies, led by Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua, have warned the ODM Party against pushing former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to his death by crazy campaign schedules.

Speaking during church service in Nakuru County, Gachagua said that the ODM leader is too old for the tough campaign terrains and would die trying to match Deputy President William Ruto’s political prowess.

He further said that Raila Odinga has no masses in his rallies in the Mt Kenya region and that the organizers have to bring local artists on board to attract crowds.

“Those planning for this man, even if we do not agree with him (Raila Odinga), he is also a Kenyan and a child of God. 

“Stop burdening this old man please,” Gachagua said.

The MP accused Raila’s team of copying William Ruto’s church campaigns strategy.

“They saw the Deputy President going to church, he (Raila) did not know the church… they planned for him to go to church. 

“He did not know church protocols, went and sat on the bishop’s seat thinking it was his,” he added.

He stated that the organizers want to kill Raila Odinga, who is 76-years-old by competing with 54-year-old William Ruto.

This, he said, prompted the ODM leader to go for a trip to Dubai last week to take a break from the tough campaign trails.

“They have seen the deputy President doing 15 meetings in a day and planned the same for the old man. 

“He went to Nanyuki… finally in Githurai, the doctor told him to go to Dubai to rest for a week,” the Mathira MP remarked.

Gachagua said that Raila Odinga tried to press on after the Dubai trip but his body could not allow him to hit the campaign trail like William Ruto.

He added that a helicopter has been following him on the campaign trails, ready to airlift him whenever he becomes unwell.


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  1. mr. “chief Gachagua” is that campaigning for Mr. Arap Mashamba, you have now become too petty. The presidency this time you will see it on viewsasa. Endelea tuu kudanganya bwana arap mashamba .

    • May be Gachagua is right. You need to provide facts to discount what he says instead of calling VVIP in Kenya, who are most likely to be president and Deputy President, respectively.

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