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Friday, November 19, 2021 – Paul Mwaniki, the man who aided the police to apprehend the three most wanted terrorists who had escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison has come out to narrate how he cornered them.

Mwaniki, from Mwingi in Kitui County, stated that he spotted the trio at Endau Malalani Ward. 

They had traveled almost 160 kilometers from Nairobi to the remote village in search of their route to Somalia through Boni Forest.

He narrated that upon the apprehension of the three, his first step was to take a selfie with them just to confirm that he is the one who found them.

He noted that they looked exhausted and hungry.

The villager noted that he became suspicious of the three owing to their mode of walking. The trio, according to him, were walking in a zig-zag formation as if to cover up their tracks.

The three chose to walk through the thorny bushes sticking to their plan of not moving far away from the main road to avoid getting lost.

Mwaniki noted that they had at some point asked the residents for direction leading to Boni Forest, a query that raised more suspicion.

Upon recognizing them, Mwaniki decided to pursue them. 

He narrated that he was first afraid of raising an alarm since he was not sure what they were capable of, especially being terror convicts.

He then decided to approach three law enforcement officers from within the area and led them to where he first set his eyes on the escapees.

Together with the officers, they managed to apprehend one but the other two temporarily fled.

The officers called for backup as the intensity of the search for the other two gathered pace. 

The two were apprehended minutes later as they were getting deeper into the forest.

Mwaniki narrated that the three had bought enough water, milk and snacks to sustain them as they continued with their journey to Somalia. They had paid for the items in cash.

He stated that at no point did he, or any other resident, feel threatened by the trio.

In the meantime, Mwaniki is waiting on the government to pay him the Sh60 million it promised for apprehending the terrorists.


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