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Monday, November 22, 2021 – The government of President Uhuru Kenyatta has finally agreed to pay out the Ksh60 million cash reward to individuals who aided the re-arrest of three terrorists who had escaped from Kamiti Prison.

In a statement yesterday, Police Spokesperson Bruno Shioso confirmed that the individual would receive the payment in full.

However, he cautioned that proper verification would be conducted to ascertain individuals whose tips led to the arrest of the three who were en route to Somalia.

“The government acknowledges that the rearrests of the suspects was made possible with the support from the members of the public. 

“Indeed, the accounts of several people who separately claim to have played a role in the capture have been reported extensively in the media.”

“The government intends to honour its pledge on the cash reward offer. 

“This will, however, be subject to a due verification process to ensure the reward goes to deserving recipients,” read the statement in part.

Shioso further noted that the names of the eventual beneficiaries would not be published to protect their identities as well as their safety.

“The security of the incident and the risk of harm to those who genuinely aided the capture of the high-value trio may militate against a full public disclosure of the eventual beneficiaries of the cash reward,” the police spokesperson stated. 

Several people from Kitui County have already come forward claiming that they directed the authorities to the whereabouts of the three convicted terrorists – Musharraf Abdalla, Joseph Juma and Mohammed Abdi – who had escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison.

A man by the name of Paul Mwaniki was reported to have led villagers and police officers to capture the trio.

Mwaniki pleaded with the government to fulfil its promise by giving him the bounty that was placed on each head.


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