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Saturday, 06 November 2021 – A man suspected of killing his 24-year-old wife on suspicion of infidelity after finding a love message in her phone authored by another man is behind the bars of Musanda Police Station in Mumias West, Kakamega county.

Edwin Okoth Owino, 27, who had walked into the station’s report office to book a sudden death report was arrested after a visit to the scene by police established a foul play. The lifeless body of his wife was found lying in their sitting room.

The suspect had at 6.45 am narrated to police that he left his wife in their sitting room last night when he went to bed hoping she would join him shortly.

That hours later when she didn’t show up at the bedroom and believing she was having a power nap, he went to wake her up. Reportedly, he had found her unresponsive and cold, prompting the early morning report of his wife’s sudden death.

The Officer Commanding Station who was busy processing petty offenders for arraignment however became suspicious, directing a few officers to accompany him to the scene ahead of calling upon DCI detectives to carry on with the investigations.

Shockingly, a thoroughly beaten-up body of his wife laid lifeless at the sitting room, where the suspect had stage-managed a suicide, suggesting she had taken poison.

As police probed further into the suspect’s inconsistencies, a 16-year-old girl who survived the man’s brutality by a whisker last night emerged from the crowd that had since formed up, shedding light on the ordeal.

Sadly, a text message that popped up from a strange number, which Okoth interpreted to be from a secret lover had cost the dear life of the victim.

On seeing the message on his wife’s phone at around 10.30 pm, Okoth went ahead to call upon the girl (a neighbour) whom he believed was his wife’s best friend, before landing on both ruthlessly with a piece of wood.

Whereas the girl managed to escape with injuries and hid in her home, the unlucky wife succumbed to the merciless beating.

As further investigations continue, Okoth is in custody pending arraignment for Murder.


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