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Saturday, November 27, 2021 – A court sitting in Nairobi has stopped former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko from publishing any leaked audio or videos relating to Nairobi Governor Ann Kananu.

This is after Kananu moved to court this week suing Sonko for defamation.

Kananu has also sued her alleged acquaintance, Mary Nkatha, alongside Sonko.

Chief Magistrate H. Nyaga on Friday stopped Sonko and Nkatha from publishing or sharing anything on Kananu pending a hearing of her case.

“Pending inter partes hearing and determination of this case, Sonko and Nkatha are hereby restrained by an order of temporary injunction from further writing, printing, publishing, circulating whether electronically or on online any audio or video recording that is defamation.”

Nyagah said they should not share any printed words or statements that are defamatory or disparaging to Kananu

The case will be mentioned next week Friday for inter partes hearing

Early this week, Sonko revealed that Kananu slept with top judges to have a favourable ruling in her cases.

Sonko claimed Kananu slept with Justice Said Juma Chitembwe and Justice Kantai Ole Sankale.


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  1. It’s so interesting how Nairobi women are rotten Kenyan men be warned working class Nairobi women most of them are harlots especially who work in the government and private sectors they sleep with there bosses and co-works it’s time for Nairobi men who are married to face the truth and even hire private detectives thanks to mike sonko mbuvi truth must be told even if the court is preventing the Nairobi harlots who seat in top government office the truth has been told it’s horrible and scary on how Nairobi married women worship money and using others as stepping stones to get top jobs it’s very dangerous no wonder the divorced rate in Nairobi is very high,The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice, governor kananu ananuka and using the office in bad way.

  2. Huyu mwanamke hafai kabisa if she was in Arab state she could have been stoned to death I feel sorry for relatives,children,husband and Kenyans uhuru government is rotten.

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