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Wednesday November 17, 2021 – Exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna has revealed how the Government of President Uhuru Kenyatta planned and executed red alerts to block his return into the country.

Speaking during a virtual interview with a local media station yesterday, Miguna stated that the Government was one step ahead of him and had already made necessary arrangements to ensure he remains in exile.

According to the Canadian-based lawyer, Uhuru’s Government had already communicated with Air France even before he got to the airport, notifying them of a red alert issued against him. 

He claimed that the carrier’s staff at the Brandenburg Airport in Berlin, Germany, already knew him even before they met him.

“They told me quite clearly even before they started checking me in.”

“They had my picture, they had received the red alert, and they were waiting for me,” he stated.

In addition to the red alert, there was a directive that he should not be allowed to board the plane.

However, the airline informed him that they had no problem with him and could fly him elsewhere other than Nairobi.

“We can take you to Paris if you want to go to France, but from France, we will not allow you to go to Nairobi,” Miguna quoted the carrier’s staff. 

Air France then issued him with a denied boarding certificate, with the reason section filled in as “other reason”.

According to the form, a passenger could only be denied entry to a plane for unavailability of seats, presentation of a passenger after the flight check-in time limit and presentation after the flight boarding closing time.

Nonetheless, all these were crossed out in the form handed over verbally to Miguna.


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