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Saturday, November 6, 2021 – One of the aides attached to former Prime Minister Raila‘s wife, Mama Ida Odinga, has surprised Kenyans after she walked out of an interview at Citizen TV.

Ruth Ambogo, who is the Programmes, Policy, and Political Engagements Manager at Mama Ida Odinga’s office – walked out of an interview with Citizen TV’s Trevor Ombija after a heated debate on Friday.

Ambogo was one of the panelists together with Steve Biko and Rebeka Moraa

The young lady accused Biko and Moraa of painting her as a slave serving a master.

“This is my last political analysis, you will not hear from me on matters of politics again. 

“For a very long period of time, I Ruth Ambogo has suggested so many policy changes that have been adopted by the government.

“There is a narrative being pushed by these very young people sitting right here that I am just an appointee serving a master. 

“I got to that office by merit. For a long period of time, I have been denied government positions because I did not have a degree,” she explained.

Ruth added: “All the CASs who have been appointed to office are illegally sitting in those offices because most of them were appointed as girlfriends of Cabinet Secretaries, most of them are in clandestine relationships with senior politicians in the country and if you want me to list them I will,” Ms. Ambogo added before Trevor stopped her.

She went on to say that she was part of the Daughters of Raila lobby group that pushed for the ODM party leader Raila Odinga’s bid for the presidency in 2017.

Trevor interjected as she was giving an update about her law school education at Strathmore University, telling her that she was diverting from the topic.

As the news anchor tried to steer the conversation away from Ambogo, she made a final attempt to put her point across before storming out of the studio as Trevor cut to a commercial.


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  1. Ida Odinga and Ngina Kenyatta are like a coin with two sides the head and the tail,Ngina Kenyatta is the head and the tail is Ida Odinga they need to realize plus there families, No empire lasts forever, they used Kenyan youths for a very long time forgetting someday it will be over they say “siku za Nyani kufa miti yote huteleza” For the ruthless shall come to nothing and the scoffer cease, and all who watch to do evil shall be cut off, Isaiah 29:20 the dynasty have no where to hide with shame.

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