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Tuesday, November 16, 2021 – Intertribal marriage has been fronted as one of the methods Kenyans can use to end tribal hatred which often rears its ugly head during elections.

However, most Kenyan tribes have distinct characteristics and while some are mere stereotypes, ladies who have dated outside their tribes sometimes get a culture shock.

From Luo to Kikuyu to Maasai, these are some characteristics of men from the major tribes in Kenya.

Ladies do you agree?

1. Kikuyu men 

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No offence but Kikuyu men have been voted as the most unromantic men out here. They make money and take care of their families but they can also be super stingy and have been known to be impulsive.

2. Luo men

Luo men are superficially charming, they will treat a woman like a queen but they have been known to be polygamous. They will send you money, give you what you need both emotionally and financially but there is a high chance you are not alone.

 3. Luhya men Apparently, Luhya men are very good in bed and they have great bodies to deal with. They will take care of your sexual needs but at the same time, they are known to be charming and really cheat.

 4. Maasai men 

These men have been said to be chauvinists, they take care of their families but most look at women like their property. They are super traditional and happen to be good fathers plus good investors

 5. Swahili men 

Swahili men are very romantic, they have good tongues and sweet words for you but they lack ambition. They are known to be lazy and they don’t work hard as much as other men but they will try and make you feel comfortable.

6. Kisii men 

These ones are known to have tempers, women beaters and are extremely arrogant. They are good with their families but they are also womanisers and they have a strong sense of patriarchy. If you deal with a Kisii man you need to keep massaging his ego and be there for him.

 7. Kalenjin

They are super impulsive and loving but also chauvinistic. They happen to also look at women like their property and do not like strong, opinionated women, with these men you have to be humble because of their wild tempers.

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